Why you shouldn’t ignore the recruiter in your LinkedIn Inbox


Many of us have been here: you log in on LinkedIn to see what your connections are up to and spot an Inbox notification. You click on your Inbox only to see that the message is from a recruiter with whom you’re not already connected. They mention that they have an open career opportunity that fits your experience and asks if you would be interested in setting up a quick call to discuss further. You can go one of two directions: respectfully decline the offer or respond with openness to learn more about the said career opportunity. After all, you don’t know what opportunity you’re passing up until you hear more about the role. After a bit more thought, you opt to set up a discovery call with the recruiter.

While diving into a partnership with atalent agency for your next career opportunitymay seem daunting, we’re sharing our top 5 benefits of responding to the recruiter in your LinkedIn Inbox:  

1. Save time and stress. 

The most stress and time-filled components of job searching are searching for open positions. When you work with a talent agency, a recruiter asks you about your skills, likes/dislikes, and professional experience to let you know if they have an available job. You also have the opportunity to search for jobs on their internal job site based on your skillset. Your recruiter often will know of job openings coming up or positions that aren’t available on other job sites. Moreover, recruiters can send your resume to multiple employers at once, saving you time. Partnering with a recruiter will help save you time and stress while searching for your next career. 


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2. Provide career guidance. 

Recruiters connect you to career opportunities. They also provide career guidance, such as resume review/assistance and sharing of industry trends. Your recruiter is your ally during your job search. They are there to advocate for you to help you land the job that’s the best fit. Working one-on-one with a recruiter (openly and honestly) will help you fine-tune your resume and other associated documents. Recruiters want to see you succeed and find long-term career success by supporting you along your search. 

3. Only apply to serious companies looking to hire.

Often when job seekers are applying to jobs, there’s the unanswered question of whether or not the company is serious in hiring someone – or is it an internal-fill position? You may feel like your resume is going into a black hole. This question is off the table when working with a recruiter at an agency. Recruiters have their fingers on the pulse of the job market at all times. They monitor what employers are actively hiring and what positions are on hold. Credible and transparent talent agencies will vet not only their candidates but also their employer clients. You can have peace of mind knowing a recruiter is advocating for you and your career interests. 

4. Recruiters have a high-motivation to hire.

A recruiter’s job is two-fold: meet the needs of candidates and meet the needs of employers. Since they work for both job candidates and employers, they’re incredibly motivated to place their job candidates. To do this, they will work to put you in front of the best employers that also match your job expectations and goals. 

5. Professional talent agencies are free. 

One of the best perks of working with a talent agency is that you reap all the above benefits at no cost to you! Most importantly, a recruiter is an ally who strives to get your resume in front of more hiring eyes and helps perfect your resume (an ultimate win-win).

It is critical to do preliminary online research on the talent agency to ensure they’ll be the right partner for you. For example, some talent agency recruiters bait candidates with the promise of a high-salary position, only to push them into roles they need to fill. The job client is may also be paying below the market. On the flip side, a trustworthy, reputable partner will be genuinely interested in getting to know you and your skills to find the best job match for you. You can also browse their open positions, curated job seeker content, and social media presence to help make your final decision.

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While searching for a job poses its challenges, working one-on-one with a professional talent agency has its advantages. Remember, talent recruiters have vast access to open job positions across multiple companies and industries to help you land your dream job. So don’t ignore the recruiter in your LinkedIn Inbox as the possibilities are endless!