Haystack's Focus:
People Process Technology



Our people have experience recruiting some of the hardest to find talent on earth. They are experts at all aspects of recruiting across a broad scale of industries. 90% of our recruiters have been with Haystack for over 9 years, giving them the experience and knowledge to make your talent search successful.

Haystack’s processes have been built by years of attracting, deploying, and managing human assets globally in areas that demand levels of specialization and technology traditional HR and Recruiting can’t match. We aim to add collaboration and automation at each step of talent acquisition and customize our process to your needs.




Haystack’s technology enables our team to seamlessly progress candidates through your specialized process. Using Machine Learning we can find candidates that fit your needs fasters and our workflow engine enables us to ensure no one gets overlooked. Along the way, we have tools which provides the means for collaboration, automation, and integrated end-to-end human capital management including back office HR.